Algothon Reloaded is a continuation of Algothon which enables you to develop your investment models and submit them to BlackRock for feedback. We have devised a comprehensive plan to help refine your investment models. We will be following a phased approach to incrementally evolve and evaluate different qualities of your model. At each phase we will ask you to research, show and discuss these qualities. 

To ensure this is as accessible as possible, guidance shall be provided on how to perform the necessary analysis and improvements and how to present your findings. The guidance shall include a list of recommended steps, software suggestions and additional reading. 

Phase one simply requires an explanation of your model hypothesis and an insight in the data you plan to use. Future phases will focus on topics such as quantifying the predictive quality of your model. You will learn how to measure this quality, so you can correctly compare it across models. A hint of what is to come will be provided with each phase, so you know the direction of progress. 

As we progress through the programme you will learn a repeatable process of evaluating models; this will enable you to understand how each quality is affected by changes in the model and provide tools to present your research confidently. During this program you will keep your model IP, and if you are successful on this programme it could lead to many opportunities.

Send in your application by emailing the Algorithmic Trading Society at: